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Our Team Is Invested in Your Success

J White Credit University was born out of a deep personal understanding of the importance of financial literacy. Founder Janay White learned firsthand about the challenges that a lack of credit education can cause. After receiving her first loan at the age of 18, she started her credit journey with a rough patch. She dealt with this credit slump for seven years until she made the decision to start rebuilding her credit at the age of 25. Janay soon became obsessed with the idea of credit applications and high-limit credit cards and soon found herself trapped in debt. She spent the next few years investing her time into credit education. Her newfound financial literacy eventually freed her from her debt and allowed her to improve her credit. Through her difficult credit journey, Janay White became inspired to help others avoid the challenges she experienced.

J White team

We Have the Perfect Plan for You

Whether you’re looking for simple credit repair, tax information, or long-term credit education, we are proud to offer resources to help you find success. We utilize proven solutions to help you navigate difficult situations and build your credit in a way that will truly last. Our various resources, including the following, have helped many of our clients find genuine financial stability and credit improvements:

Contact Us Today to Further Your Financial Literacy

As one of the top leaders in the credit industry, J White Credit University guarantees tangible results with our services. Our clients’ long-term success is our top priority and we approach each case with genuine care and compassion. You shouldn’t have to jump through any more hoops to feel secure with your finances. We’re here to help. Head over to our contact page or give us a call today to get started with our credit counseling services.

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