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Experience You Can Count On

Janay White is a 33-year-old wife and mother of 2, who worked 2 jobs for 10 years. She was a social worker and fraud investigator at the Florida Department of Children and Families from 2010-2020! She was also a Revenue Auditor in the accounting and finance department at UPS from 2011-2020! Janay White has proven to be an extremely hard-working, dedicated, and extraordinary woman!

J. White


At 18 years old Janay received her first loan from Vystar credit union for $500 and immediately ruined her credit due to the lack of education and ignorance. She sat in bad credit for 7 years. At the age of 25, she began rebuilding her credit and started studying and researching how to boost her scores! After seeing her scores rise she became infatuated with all things credit-related and started to get approved for ALL credit applications! Low and behold she eventually became a slave to debt! As Janay got older and wiser she realized that having good credit without being educated on credit was a disaster waiting to happen! She used her credit to purchase liabilities! Janay White is determined your use her credit testimony and knowledge to prevent others in her community from following the same path!

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